National Fresh Breath Day


National Fresh Breath Day was created to value the importance of oral hygiene. Millions of people suffer from bad breath which in a lot of cases originates form your gums and tongue. Although bad breath can be pretty embarrassing. There are many ways to fight it and keep your mouth healthy. Here are 10 tips to keep your breath smelling fresh.

  1. Brush your teeth twice a day − It is very important to brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes twice a day especially before you go to bed. This will remove plaque and food debris.
  2. Brush or scrape your tongue − Use your toothbrush to brush your tongue or invest in a tongue scraper. This will remove any bacteria build up in the folds of your tongue or between taste buds.
  3. Floss daily − By flossing daily you will remove food debris and plaque that a toothbrush can’t reach. Also removing the bacteria that can cause bad breath.
  4. Use a mouth rinse − If you don’t have time to brush your teeth, swish for about 30 seconds with a mouth was to remove bacteria and freshen breath.
  5. Visit your dentist regularly.
    Visit your dentist on a regular basis to make sure you are maintaining good oral health. If bad breath seems to be a continuous problem be sure to discuss this with your dentist to rule out any other dental problems.
  6. Drink water − To avoid dry mouth be sure you are drinking enough water. Drinking water will rinse away bacteria and food particles which is a main cause of bad breath.
  7. Snack on a carrot stick, celery or an apple − An empty stomach from skipping meals can sometimes cause bad breath from acid build up in the stomach. Snacks of fresh fruits or crispy vegetables are a great way to alleviate your hunger. They also speed up your saliva flow between meals. This will help wash away bacteria from your tongue and teeth.
  8. Parsley − Parsley, the green garnish on your lunch or dinner plate contains chlorophyll which is a known breath deodorizer. Pick up this breath saver on your plate and chew it thoroughly.
  9. Sugarless gum or Candy − Try chewing on sugarless gum or candy to help eliminate dry mouth. This also encourages saliva flow washing away bacteria and food debris that could be lingering in your mouth.
  10. Quit smoking − Smoking is a major cause of bad breath that can linger even after you brush your teeth. Not only that but it also tends to dry out your mouth reducing saliva flow.