Attention College Bound Students – Dental Care Checklist

As a young adult, you’re savoring the last few weeks of summer 2016 and preparing for the transition into college. Enrollment, books, dorm essentials are all set. It’s time to enjoy family, sunshine and relaxation before the studies begin. It is also time to ensure you have scheduled a visit to the dentist to avoid any unexpected dental concerns that may distract from your education.


Consider these factors regarding your dental health before heading off to college:


#1) Freshen Up and Check Up

When microwave dinners, dorm food, late night snacks and pizza become a regular diet at college it is important that you’re on track with your oral health and home care regime. Our Dental Hygienist will ensure to provide guidance on homecare and how common dietary changes in college will affect your dental health. Dr. Ridl will address any dental concerns and determine if any treatment is recommended.

#2) Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth can lead to pain, infection, or damage to nearby teeth as they erupt. To avoid unnecessary dental pain which may interrupt your schooling it is best to have Dr. Ridl evaluate wisdom teeth prior to determine if you are a good candidate for extraction. Typically between the ages of 17 and 25 are the best stage to examine and remove wisdom teeth as they have not fully formed yet are close to eruption.


As you prepare to embark upon the college experience, there’s still time left to complete your college checklist. Make your oral health care needs a priority and set yourself on the pathway to success and a lifetime of healthy smiles.