Enjoy Halloween With a Healthy Smile

Fall has arrived and Halloween is just around the corner. This brings pumpkins, costumes, and of course trick- or- treating.  It is important to understand what sugar does to your child’s teeth and their oral health.

When your child eats sugary candy, the sugars in the candy mix with dental plaque on the teeth creating a mild acid. This acid attacks the enamel of the teeth which is the hard outer layer of the tooth.  This plaque can be removed daily by brushing and flossing.  If not removed the enamel can become soft and a cavity can form.  The damage done to the tooth depends on how long the sugar remains on the teeth.

Here are a few tips to keep your child’s smile healthy this Halloween.

– When your child gets back from tick- or- treating have them make 2 piles:  one for the candy they will eat and another for the candy they won’t eat.  Consider donating the second pile to a food bank, senior citizen home, or a children’s hospital.

– Encourage your child to pick candy that can be eaten quickly like miniature candy bars.  Candy such as fruit snacks/gummies can stick to your child’s teeth.  Lollipops also create longer contact time for sugar on the teeth.

– Set a treat time.  Frequent snacking on candy puts your child’s risk of tooth decay greater due to constant contact with sugar and acid.

– Brush, floss, and rinse.  Encourage your child to brush and floss after a sugary snack.  If they can’t do that, have them rinse with a glass of water to help wash away the sugar and acid.

By following these tips we hope that you and your family have a fantastic Halloween. If you have any questions please give us a call at 509-235-6241 or email us at [email protected].