6 Tips to Maintain Healthy Teeth While Traveling This Summer

Do you and your family have big summer plans this year? Where ever you may be going it can be a challenge to keep your teeth healthy while traveling. Here are 6 tips from our dental teem to keep your smile bright.


  1. Prep your carry-on: After a long flight no one’s mouth feels very fresh. Now you can plan ahead to fight airlinebreath. Pack travel-sized toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash along with floss, gum and mints. And always remember to drink plenty of water.
  2. Pack healthy snacks: Pack portable easy healthy snacks. These include things like string cheese, baby carrots, sliced apples, and bottled water.
  3. Take brushing breaks: Whether you are sight-seeing, taking a road trip or camping, when you stop for a bathroom break take a minute to brush your teeth as well.
  4. Thoroughly clean your teeth at the end of each day: Make your evening brushing and flossing count if you were unable to keep your normal healthy habits during the day.
  5. Avoid a dental emergency: Take precautions while traveling. Avoid chewing on ice or hard candy and don’t open packages with your teeth.
  6. Schedule a routine dental cleaning: A great way to start out your summer traveling is to have a clean and healthy mouth. To schedule your appointment before traveling give us a call at Dr. Jacob Ridl, DDS Phone Number 509-235-6241 or email us at [email protected]

By planning ahead you can keep a healthy smile this summer while traveling and we look forward to hearing about your vacation at your next visit.